Fresh Ideas company directors and chefs in Chicago

Cultivating Innovation in Dining Services Through Exploration

At Fresh Ideas, we approach innovation differently. Not only are we breaking through boundaries with our food, but also with employee engagement. In March, sixteen of our company’s directors and chefs embarked on the first ever Fresh Ideas Innovation Trip to Chicago. The trip was created by our Chief Operations Officer, Kris Lensmeyer, to provoke…

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Top 50 Food Management company

Top 50 Contract Management Company

Appearing for the first time, with a rank of 41, Fresh Ideas is recognized as on of the largest contract companies in the foodservice sector. Fresh Ideas made its debut in the 2018 Food Management Top 50 list. Food Management is the authority on best practices, products and solutions in the noncommercial foodservice industry. Fresh…

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Copper Pot Cooking Competition

  This video takes you behind-the-scenes of our Copper Pot cooking competition. Turn on your sound, and get ready to meet the Fresh Ideas chefs who rose to the top. You may also like: MIDLAND UNIVERSITY CHEF WINS COOKING COMPETITION

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History of the Hamburger

  There are a variety of people, countries, and cuisines that take credit for the invention of the hamburger. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of the burger, but most experts believe that the hamburger was created between 1885 and 1904. There is one common thread between all stories; was invented out of necessity…

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