The History of Pizza

It’s hard to imagine that if you combine yeast, flour, salt, olive oil, sugar, and some warm water. Then knead the doughy concoction, let it rest, punch it down, rough it out, and bake it (with cheese and various toppings) that you would end up with a $32 billion-dollar industry. Three billion pizzas are sold…

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What Food and Dining Experiences Gen Z Craves

The predominant age group for college students, 18 to 21-years-old really hasn’t changed, but what has is that they’ve grown up with new influences that have shaped their relationship to dining. They are known as Generation Z (Gen Z for short): They have special dietary needs, desire convenience, and don’t know a world before mobile…

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reusable to go container

Tools for Sustainability Leadership in Higher Education Dining Operations

Food service operators at colleges and universities are in a unique position when it comes to sustainability. The traditional higher education dining hall, with its educated and reoccurring guests are ripe to embrace ideas about sustainability. However, the modern college diner doesn’t always understand the amount of processes and financial commitment it takes to make…

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AC culinary arts students help whip up a feast

This article originally appeared in the Hastings Tribune on September 11, 2018. The industrial-size equipment and massive amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables were all a dose of reality for a group of culinary arts students Friday. More than a dozen juniors and seniors from the Adams Central culinary arts class spent more than half their school…

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