Meal Plans

Plans are based on meals per week. Unused meals will not roll over to the next week. Students can use one meal per meal period or purchase additional meals with flex dollars or cash. Flex Dollars do not carry over at the end of the semester.


Additional money can be added on your card. This is referred to as the Declining Cash Balance Program (DCB Program). DCB money can be rolled over from fall to spring, but goes away at the end of the spring semester. Flex dollars can be used for additional meals in the dining hall for friends, family or if a student has used up all their meals for the week or at the newly renovated Java Jinx.


17 Meals/Week + $50 Flex


14 Meals/Week + $75 Flex


10 Meals/Week + $550 Flex

Catering Image

7 Meals/Week + $575 Flex

Meal Plan 4

Commuter & Warren/Honors Plan 10 Meals +$100 Flex