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Tools for Sustainability Leadership in Higher Education Dining Operations

Food service operators at colleges and universities are in a unique position when it comes to sustainability. The traditional higher education dining hall, with its educated and reoccurring guests are ripe to embrace ideas about sustainability. However, the modern college diner doesn’t always understand the amount of processes and financial commitment it takes to make…

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Farm to Fork Sustainability Partnership Pops Up

Fresh Ideas & Maryville University deploy Leafy Green Machine to campus Have you ever seen a port where ships arrive full of metal containers that get stacked like short towers of Legos? Eventually, they’re plucked up by a crane and loaded on to a railway car, to take them away, or hooked up with a…

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Local Meat & Produce: A Growing Trend at Stephens College

The secret behind the delicious meals being served at the Stephens College Dining Hall is not just the ingredients in the food, but also, where the food comes from. Now moving to locally sourced meat and produce, Stephens Sous Chef, Zachary Wells, says that students are enjoying the dining hall experience more than ever.  …

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How does your garden grow?

Food is a basic necessity of life, so it should come as no surprise that a large number of colleges and universities across the country have begun to recognize food as an important component in campus sustainability. Fresh Ideas shares this approach to “slow food” with many of our chefs growing their own produce and…

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