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Our innovative programs encourage students to feed their minds and fuel their bodies with an integrated approach to wellness. We encourage students to become adventurous eaters, try new things, and become sustainability advocates. The Be Green, Be Healthy, Be Bold program provides educational materials for students on a variety of topics including healthy eating, sustainability, heart health, fitness, recycling, food origin, food waste, stress reduction and general nutrition.


We are passionate about providing you with a wide range of fresh options.
Judson Dining
Judson Dining
Jerry’s Café
Jerry’s Café
Riverside Cafe
Riverside Cafe

Meal Plans

19 Meal Plan + $25 Flex

Includes 19 meals per week and $25 Flex Dollars.

14 Meal Plan + $25 Flex

Includes 14 meals per week and $25 Flex Dollars.

10 Meal Plan + $25 Flex

Includes 10 meals per week and $25 Flex Dollars.

10 Meal Plan + $400 Flex

Includes 10 meals per week and $400 Flex Dollars.

Commuter 5 Meal Plan

Includes 5 meals per week.

Flex Dollars may be used at the Riverside Cafe and at Jerry’s Cafe. Additional Eagle Bucks can be added via CashNET from MyJudson.

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