Delicious food at your fingertips.

Use the FreshX app to quickly and easily purchase food, check your dining dollars balance, order and pay ahead to skip the line, and so much more.

FreshX is Personal

Upload a selfie and instantly turn FreshX into a personal gateway to all the delicious food on campus.

Your personal data is secure in the FreshX app giving you peace of mind to order your next meal without missing a beat.

FreshX is Practical

When you’re hungry you simply want to get food fast. FreshX allows you to do just that!

Order ahead of time, avoid lines, and remove obstacles between you and simply enjoying great food.

FreshX is Powerful

Add your preferred payment methods to FreshX & the app becomes your campus wallet. 

What’s more, our hands-free technology allows you to pay for your food without even pulling your phone out of your pocket.