Pride in Food Service

February 14, 2023


It’s clear to see if someone takes pride in their work. They are thorough and organized, excited to be part of a team, and exceed expectations. At Fresh Ideas, we understand the importance of teammates who lead with pride and who are eager to serve our guests. In recognition of Pride in Foodservice Week this month, we are celebrating a few of our team members who go above and beyond to ensure guests have an outstanding dining experience. These individuals are prideful of their work and build a positive work environment and culture for others.

Meet Jackie. Jackie is an evening shift supervisor at Midland University. Originally from Jamaica, she recently received her permanent American citizenship. Jackie is known as a compassionate and caring leader who always wears a smile. She enjoys working at Midland because of the people she gets to work with daily and the guests she serves. Jackie says she loves to come to work every day because there is always something exciting going on. She has worked in the food service industry for over four years and enjoys being able to recreate the comforts of home and see people enjoy a good meal. When the guests are happy, Jackie is happy.

Much like Jackie, Alex is an evening shift supervisor at Dakota Wesleyan University. Alex’s day includes helping wherever he’s needed and ensuring students have a great dining experience. One of his favorite parts about his role is that his coworkers are always willing and eager to help each other. Always a team player, Alex says that he enjoys food service because he loves food, trying new foods, and seeing other people’s interpretations of different dishes. He gets the opportunity to learn new things daily and share them with his family. Alex is known for being a prideful and approachable leader who encourages people to cook from their hearts. Alex treats his team with the utmost respect and constantly reminds them how much they are appreciated.

Finally, we’d like to celebrate Maria. Maria is a supervisor at Rockford University who spends much of her time at the pizza station. Maria says she enjoys making food for students and interacting with them. She always greets them as they walk through the door. Many of them know her by name and ask her how her day is going, and Maria even knows many of their usual orders. The interactions with guests are one of her favorite parts of working in food service. As a leader, Maria makes sure to take care of every guest. She is always ready and eager to help answer questions and provide assistance, being as helpful as she can.

Each of these team members – and many more – are passionate and prideful leaders, and they know how vital their role is in creating an exceptional dining experience for our guests. We thank them for all that they do for our teams and guests every day.

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