Fresh Ideas Brings Nōwn to the U.S.

March 29, 2019


Fully Integrated POS Puts Focus on the Dining Guest

As Fresh Ideas uses technology to enhance the customer experience, the company announced they are the first to bring the customer-focused Nōwn POS system to the United States.

“The Nown POS is the most robust solution for our retail customers as it offers an all-in-one cost-effective solution for our clients,” says Bob Love Fresh Ideas Chief Technology Officer.

Food service management company, Fresh Ideas brings Nōwn, a complete POS, loyalty, and mobile customer experience to U.S.

Dining guests like being known, so the food service company was attracted to a system that focused on knowing the person behind the purchase. The Nōwn POS can recognize customers and display their name, picture and purchase history creating a more personalized experience every time.

Nōwn is the only point of sale that has a fully integrated loyalty and mobile customer experience in one system. Dining guests can utilize the rewards program to earn discounts based on the points they accumulate, and mobile pre-ordering allows them to skip the line by ordering and paying ahead with the app.

Another benefit of the system is the ease of use for team members. The point of sale solution is cloud-based, making real-time reports available anywhere. The reports contain easy to understand critical data that is actionable and pertinent to the business.

“Every touchpoint of the customer experience is important. The Nōwn POS has all of the features Fresh Ideas was looking for to ensure our teams are empowered to impact that customer experience positively. It is the little things that have a huge impact on our customers,” comments Love.

About Nōwn: A bold technology company, creating invisible solutions that put people first. From customer recognition software to hands-free payments, to the point of experience software and everything in between, they’re bringing people, data and technology together to power everyday moments in-store. For more information, visit

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