Fresh Ideas Adds Sizzle to Blackburn College Work Program

June 14, 2019


Expanding Student-Managed Work Program

Blackburn College has chosen contract food services expert, Fresh Ideas, to manage their dining operations. Fresh Ideas’ commitment to sharing their industry knowledge, and expanding the scope of training included in the student-managed Work Program were among the reasons they were selected. “I’m incredibly honored to welcome Blackburn College to the Fresh Ideas family. Blackburn College has a rich history of teaching its’ students life skills and leadership. Thank you for trusting us to serve you,” said Matt Clervi, CO-CEO Fresh Ideas.

Fresh Ideas treats each new partnership as its own business. Customized plans were developed for Blackburn College that reflects the unique needs of that dining community. One of the eight work college is the U.S., the school’s Work Program will benefit from Fresh Ideas extensive experience in all aspects of the hospitality and culinary industry. Students who choose to be a part of the kitchen and dining hall staff will have improved access to developing their skills. “Blackburn College is excited to partner with Fresh Ideas to re-create our campus food service experience. At Blackburn, student engagement is our priority and the Fresh Ideas model of fresh food, student culinary opportunities, student learning, and foodservice quality is a terrific fit,” said Dr. Murray-Jensen, President Blackburn College.

Blackburn College students will be able to gain experience from Fresh Ideas Food Service Management, the new dining services partner at the school.

In addition to the resources and support of the well-seasoned professionals at Fresh Ideas, the dining services program will get an upgraded grill, all new tables, and see the addition of innovative technology. The food service management company will make its FreshX app available. The app is a first of its kind, and lets students “pay with a selfie.” The technology makes for an enhanced customer experience. The app will also integrate with a website tailored to Blackburn College dining. This will allow patrons to know what’s on the menu, wherever they are, right from their smartphone.

“Our Blackburn College dining program is a reflection and extension of Fresh Ideas values. We work every day to serve our clients, support their communities and create innovative dining experiences,” said Jerry Bradley, Executive Director of Business Development.

About Fresh Ideas: Founded in 2000, Fresh Ideas is a dynamic food service management company headquartered in Columbia, Missouri. Fresh Ideas provides food service management solutions for K-12, higher education, and commercial markets.

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