Cheers to Five Years

January 22, 2018


Sarah Carnes, Director of Marketing
Sarah Carnes, Director of Marketing

In January, I celebrated five years with Fresh Ideas. Like many people in their early twenties, I bounced around from place to place, looking for new challenges and opportunities for growth. As a first-generation college student, I thought that education and hard work would be the key to professional success.

What I did not know was how these pieces fit together. I gained valuable knowledge and learned about the kind of work I liked, the kind of work I found monotonous and dreamt about my future.

Because of the nature of our social world, often times friends, family and acquaintances can keep up with where I am, what I’m doing and what is happening at the company. We all know that the social realm is life’s highlight reel. The question I am most often asked is, “It seems like you really love your job. Is it true…?”

And the truth is that working for Fresh Ideas is rewarding, challenging, and fun. But more importantly, Fresh Ideas is family. It was apparent within weeks of my arrival that the piece I had been missing in my professional life was the people. People driven by passion, innovation, and hard work and willing to challenge business-as-usual ideals. People like me.

We dream big and evolve to exceed our clients’ expectations. We are creative problem solvers, focused on creating memorable experiences for the people we serve. And I will tell you, that when you find a group of people like this, working together to build something great, it changes your entire world.

Fresh Ideas is the place I dreamt about, and being a part of the Fresh Ideas family is like coming home.

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